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Home Elevator Door Gap
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Savaria Concord Lifts Inc. (Savaria) and Garaventa (Canada) Ltd (a division of Savaria Corporation) are recalling certain home elevator installations in Canada with a Health Canada-approved plan.

What’s the hazard?

In installations with swing-style landing doors, some home elevators may have been installed with hazardous non-code-compliant gaps. It is possible for a young child to be trapped between the landing door and the elevator car door, which poses a risk for serious injury or death should the elevator be operated while the child is entrapped.

ALL home elevators with swing-style doors should be measured for hazardous gaps when installed outside of the ASME A17.1- CSA B44 elevator code, to confirm if safety devices are required.

This hazard ONLY applies to home elevators that have swing-style landing doors.

Door gap illustration

Brand and model names affected



Concord, Infinity, Eclipse, Gearless, Kwiklift, Ultimo, some models sold by Nationwide (private label)

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Garaventa Lift

Elvoron HR, Elvoron MR

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What should I do?

If your home elevator has manufacturer-provided automatic sliding doors or flush to the hoistway mounted swing doors, this door gap recall does not apply to the installation of your elevator, and no further action is required. However, you should address all other home elevator installations by taking the steps below.



Measure your elevator installation

1. Watch the video on how to measure

How to Measure Video

2. See detailed instructions and pictures here

3. Complete the measuring form

If your elevator features two doors that service the same landing, use the two-door measurement form.


Identify Your Home Elevator Manufacturer

Please locate the labels that are applied to the mechanical equipment of your elevator to identify the manufacturer name. Take note of additional numbers such as job number, serial number and model, or take a clear photo of the label(s). You will need these numbers for your submission. Visit the elevator manufacturer pages on this site for more details.


Submit measurements

Once you have identified the manufacturer of your elevator, submit the completed measurement form to that manufacturer to receive your free space guards.

Submission Form


Install Space Guards if Required

Your home elevator manufacturer will send you free space guards should your installation be deemed to have a hazardous gap. By following the instructions in the video below, you will be able to easily install the space guards on each landing door that needs them.

Space Guard Installation Video

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Elevator manufacturers

Information specific to each manufacturer is available below, including additional ways to identify the manufacturer of your elevator.
See here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.



Garaventa Lift

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